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Win $15,000 by sharing to Reddit with Medal

Hey Medal Community! We’ve launched a brand new integration with Reddit. To celebrate, we’re giving away a total of $15,000 across lots of different games. Top subreddits automatically sync with games, making it easier than ever to share your best clips with Reddit Our system automatically handles the required flair per subreddit, so you don’t...

Console Support, New Feeds, and More!

Getting clips off your console is hard. Storing them alongside all your other files/tweets and having to pay for storage is expensive and unintuitive, and then sharing them with your friends and getting comments and likes is impossible. Today is a massive day at Medal, because no matter on which device you game, you can...

Clutch Importer + Console Syncing

Hi everyone – we’re sorry to hear about Clutch shutting down. We’ve known the team for a while and know them to be smart and kind people. We’re sorry that the community is unable to continue. I’ve went ahead and coded some tools to make the switch a tiny bit easier, but recognize that it’s...

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