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In Case You Missed It Automatic clipping is here!

A highly requested feature has arrived on Early Access! The Medal team has worked tirelessly to bring you our most exciting update of 2020 so far along with a few squashed bugs!   In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) Powered by AI, Medal can now automatically create clips and bookmarks as soon as key moments...

Update: Releasing Mixer Partner Status & Clips Import

Hey Mixer Creators – in the midst of your switch between platforms, we wanted to follow up on our promises. Today we’ve launched both Partner Status Syncing and Clips Import, and they are now available to all Mixer users. Special thanks to Comfimus and Pfeiffer on helping us test this! Your clips import will even...

Share your Medal clips on Tumblr!

One of the best ways to expand your audience as a Medal Creator is to share your content on social media. You probably already know that you can share your content easily on Youtube and Twitter, but did you know that we’ve seamlessly integrated with Tumblr as well? We’ve made it seriously easy to upload...

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