60 FPS + Full HD Early Access

Hey Medal Community!

Last week we put 1080p in early access but the quality wasn’t great yet and 60 FPS wasn’t in. While a lot of you already enjoyed the massive performance gains 1080px30fps on GPU brought, we are happy to announce the full feature we originally intended is now ready to be tested, and the result is amazing. Once you try this there is no going back. The quality of Medal clips is now on-par or better in terms of quality and performance with anyone else on the market. Combine that with the reliability, simplicity, and social features you guys already use Medal for, and together we are going to build something amazing!



To turn it on, go to your settings and modify the FPS and Resolution Settings.

Go get it in early access and send us your best clips! We are beyond excited to launch this. If you are not yet in early access head over to and grab it today.