$6K Giveaway, Donation Logs, Mobile Performance, Recommended Friends, Safety Updates, and More

Hello everyone! Pim here. I’m excited to share some updates.

If you hadn’t read about our acquisition of Donate Bot yet, you can do so in my previous post. That’s right, you can now make money on Medal.

$6K Giveaway

We’re doing a $6k giveaway where we give out $500 to 12 random people. You can read all about it at


Recommended Friends

This one comes straight from one of our best engineers — Dexter, who built this entirely by himself. No kidding.

As you can see, it recommends people based on how many Discord servers you share and also recommends people that you are following on Twitter. Bringing people closer is in our DNA, so we love this update.

It has been rolled out across mobile & desktop starting Today.

Safety Updates

Starting this week you will no longer be able to add people to groups if you do not follow each other.

You can now delete comments on videos that are yours on mobile.

And you cannot send links or images if you do not follow each other. This is to prevent you from receiving spam from people you do not want, such as unwanted pictures.


Mobile Performance & Desktop Performance

We’ve rolled out performance updates across mobile and desktop and have more to come. If you were previously having issues we encourage you to re-install using our new installer for a super fast, upgraded Medal experience. You can even do things like searching chats and only showing unreads.

Donations logs and clearer buttons for mobile

We’ve fixed up the way buttons look on mobile so it’s more clear.

The donation slider also increments in values of $5 instead of $1, which is one of the most requested features.

Over 100 creators on Medal have already adopted Donate bot to accept payments! We couldn’t be more excited about this. You can now search through logs of all your donations.

Donation logs

New Games Added

Dirty Bomb
Darwin Project
Dungeon Defenders
Creative Destruction
The Culling
Of Guards and Thieves

If you love medal don’t forget to fill in a partner application:

Thanks for reading and see you next time! For the next update, we’re working on Trimming. We know you’ve been waiting for it. We gotchu 😘