Capture and Share with Medal on Android

As a creator, you play where the content is best. More than ever, some of the best content is on mobile, with titles like Call of Duty: Mobile and Garena Free Fire. You play top tier competitive games, and hang out with friends in Roblox on your phones and tablets. Start capturing and sharing your best moments on Android: Get Medal Game Recorder on Android

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We started Medal 2 years ago with the goal to get games discovered. Back then, we were a mobile gaming studio building competitive mobile games. Medal was our answer to the frustration of spending money for people to discover our game: great experiences should be able to grow organically based on the moments people share.

The type of games coming out on mobile have also become far more watchable. Games like Free Fire are challenging games like Fortnite for YouTube viewership records. It’s an incredible time to be a creator on Mobile, and we’re excited to announce that Medal is now available on Android, with all things you’d expect from us. Just log in with your Medal account to get started. We look forward to what you create!

How does it work?

The Medal Game Recorder Android app supports over 160 popular mobile games – including Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Mario Kart Tour, Pokémon GO, Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and more – with additional games being added to the platform each day.  

Once you start up a game and give Medal Game Recorder proper permissions, the app immediately starts recording the screen. The app icon floats atop the game, and can be dragged to any position, for ease of access. Once a match is won, a great move is executed, or a perfect card played, you can save the last 15 seconds of footage with one tap of the icon. With a long press on the icon further features can be accessed, including the gallery where the new clip is stored and from which it can be shared. Once that game is closed Medal Recorder stops recording and the only content that remains saved is the 15-second clip stored in the gallery.  No more full disks due to game footage!

A long press on the Medal Game Recorder app icon also allows you to hide the app icon button, which can be restored from the Android OS’ drop-down notification bar. Settings can be accessed in this way as well, and you can set the length of clips you want to capture, video recording quality, and more.

To start capturing and sharing your best moments on Android – Download