Clutch Importer + Console Syncing

Hi everyone – we’re sorry to hear about Clutch shutting down. We’ve known the team for a while and know them to be smart and kind people. We’re sorry that the community is unable to continue. I’ve went ahead and coded some tools to make the switch a tiny bit easier, but recognize that it’s a sad week for your community.

So first – you are now able to import all your clutch videos (individually or all of them) with the chrome extension we’ve built.

You can download the extension here

Secondly, our web team has been kind enough to open up access to our Console import system ahead of the scheduled release later this week (you’ll see it show up on PC and Mobile around then). If you sync with Twitter, it will be enabled automatically.

Step 1: Head over to in your browser

Step 2: Head over to your profile, hit “Edit Profile”.

Step 3: ensure “Sync console clips” is enabled under your Twitter settings.

All your console clips will now show up on Medal. You can also edit them, just like you’re used to on Clutch.


Just like this one.