Friend Recommendations, Clip Folder Settings, Cloud Trimming, Restore Original, Sound Removal, and Game Search



Friend Recommendations

When you sign in with Twitter, Discord, or Steam, we can tell you who you should connect with based on who you know on those platforms. Clips are better with friends!

Folder Selection

Being able to choose the folder clips are stored in pre-upload is one of the most requested features. We’ve added it!

Cloud Trimming

Trimming is here, but we took it to the next level with cloud capabilities such as “restore original” and “remove sound” even after you’ve uploaded. There’s also a whole lot more — get out the popcorn!

Restore Original

Ever mess up a clip and lose the file? No longer — you can always maintain your original clip and go back to it!

Preserve Audio

With preserve audio (even after uploading) you can always add or remove sound from a clip. No more accidental information dropping on the background while you’re gaming. Your top secret plans to win this PUBG match remain with you, and you only. Hint: I lost.

Sharing Overhaul

We made the sharing screen simpler — no more confusions. One caption that gets shared everywhere.

We also added deletion warnings.

Resolution settings

Resolution settings, one of the most requested features, has landed also. If you have a slower PC and want lower resolution clips at higher performance you can do so. 1080p is going into early access at within the next 2 weeks. Make sure you’re in the early access group if you care about 1080p and 60fps!

Games Search is also here, one of the many requested features

Full update log:

Cloud Trimming
• Tired of taking a 60 second clip, but it turns out that you’re just a sweaty noob that got lucky? Edit that bad boy down to 7 seconds and you’ll seem like a real pro!
· Clips can be trimmed down as low as 5 seconds
· Drag it, click on the notches, or use the arrow/tab keys to select the start and end points
• Remove audio from your clips
• Restore the video back to source

• Simpler, faster, easier
• Captioning clips is more clear now
• Share screen settings persists (Click share to twitter on one clip, it’ll stay on in the next)
• Spiffy animations in the publishing/sharing processes
• Clips shouldn’t get stuck processing anymore
• Deleting clips is more clear

• Made sharing with Medalbot more clear
• It’s even easier to copy a clips link and share it now
• 3rd party connections are now their own tab in the settings screen — `Connections`
• In the case that your connected social account expires, you can just click `Reauthorize` now
• Create custom message when sharing to Twitter/Discord

Video Player
• Quality toggle
• Time scrubber dragging
• Persisting mute/quality settings
• Fixed fullscreen behavior
• Fixed playback issues

• Games tab is now searchable
• Warning if Medal is running on another user account
• Fixed mouse dragging-out of screen bug on share screen
• Warning on deleting published clips (they’ll be gone forever)
• Mass deleting clips is much easier now
• Right-click a clip to unarchive it
• Discover friends on an empty clips page
• Introduction video on empty clips page
• Fixed an issue where the recorder would exit if you had low disk space.
• Fixed an issue where users with foreign characters in their PC username couldn’t record
• Users should see `Game Out Of Focus` significantly less.
• Many, many, many other bug fixes and styling enhancements (edited)