Full HD (1080P) & GPU Processing Early Access


Today is a big day for us — we’re making the first public steps to maximizing performance on video recording by utilizing your GPUs. This is a very complex feature, one that will likely be in early access for at least a month. If you are not yet in early access, get early access here.

You are getting access to an early access build that has had a good level of testing. We’ve worked on it for nearly 6 months, but we would not recommend using this version for competitive tournaments unless you are confident and have tested it extensively on your device.

This release has a number of important features already in, including the ability to process and capture on your GPUs. This means that in theory, Medal is now as fast as it could be in terms of recording, and on-par or faster than any capture software on the market.

The features that are entering early access today:

  • Full HD (1080p) recording (You’ll have to enable this yourself since we do not want to override your current setting).
  • Full HD (1080p) storage — You can sync unlimited 1080p clips to our cloud for free during early access.

  • Recording on the GPU (On by default, switch to CPU if it causes issues)

  • Clip sound removed (no more “ding” in every clip)

The features that are not yet in early access today (but will be in the near future):

  • 60 FPS

Known issues:

  • Clips may look grainy on some machines
  • On AMD machines you’ll have to switch the video encoding to CPU to prevent any issues for now.