Full Session Recording and More in the latest Early Access Update

Hi everyone. We just released a massive update to Early Access.

If you’re not yet on Early Access, you can join by going to

Introducing Full Session Recording

With Valorant coming out we’ve had an increasing amount of requests to be able to record full sessions and use the button you usually use to clip, to create bookmarks and be able to go back and clip from those bookmarks later.

Previously it was a bit of a hassle and it didn’t work that well for games where you had really long sessions. It was really just designed for League of Legends where sessions were 30 minutes. But now we’ve shipped an update that makes clipping from full sessions possible across even the longest of sessions.


In order to get it, simply toggle “Full Session Recording” in Early Access

Microsecond-level trimming with Timeline Zoom

We’ve also introduced a brand new trimming and sharing UI with microsecond-level precision on trimming frames. You can now zoom into your timeline to trim.


After you create clips from your sessions, they’ll be uploadable and sync with mobile just like all your normal clips, but this way you’ll never miss that moment because you were too busy being epic.

Looking at you, Valorant players with sweaty hands in 1v5 scenarios 😉

Favoriting Clips

You can favorite clips and they’ll show up under “Favorites” on your mobile profile and in your desktop library. We will make this functionality available in the browser soon also.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Keyboard and accessibility controls for many actions
    • CTRL + Enter to upload a clip, share a clip that is already uploaded, or finish creating a new clip from a full session
    • CTRL + Z to cancel the upload
    • CTRL + C to copy a share link of a clip that has been uploaded
    • CTRL + F to favorite the clip
    • ESC to close the modal
    • + to zoom in the timeline
    • - to zoom out the timeline
    • DELETE to bring up confirmation dialog to delete clip
    • LEFT ARROW to go back 5s in the video
    • RIGHT ARROW to go forward 5s in the video
    • CTRL + N to create a new clip from a full session recording
    • Pressing CTRL or ALT while scrolling the mouse wheel on the timeline will adjust the zoom level accordingly
    • Mouse wheel scrolling inside the zoomed in timeline will scroll horizontally based on the zoom level

Microphone Settings

You can now customize your Microphone settings also!

Hope you enjoy

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