In Case You Missed It Automatic clipping is here!

A highly requested feature has arrived on Early Access!

The Medal team has worked tirelessly to bring you our most exciting update of 2020 so far along with a few squashed bugs!


In Case You Missed It (ICYMI)

Powered by AI, Medal can now automatically create clips and bookmarks as soon as key moments happen in your game.

This new option can be found in Settings > Clips or search Enable ICYMI in the Search bar!

While ICYMI is enabled, any clips captured by the AI will not be automatically uploaded. In addition to this, there is a 15 second cooldown between ICYMI triggers to prevent spam.

You can sort through and mass-upload/delete ICYMI clips by clicking on the Free Up Space icon

Here you will find our current Supported Games and Triggers

We will update this list as we add more games and triggers!

Important information:    

  • This is an experimental feature and may not always work or be accurate. Your feedback here is important to us!    
  • ICYMI will have an impact on the CPU. If you come across performance issues, disable this feature.    
  • If you are using Full Session Recording, ICYMI will create Bookmarks instead of Clips.    
  • Games running in Full-Screen Exclusive mode prevent Medal from giving a clip notification.    
  • ICYMI currently only works in games set to English.

If you have any game/trigger suggestions, send them to us over at! Make sure to tell us which game, the trigger and provide a clip of the event!


Game Switching

Another big request has also been added!

The ability to choose which game Medal was recording if you had 2 or more games running is now here!

The default hotkey for this feature is F10. This can be changed in our new Hotkeys section at Settings > Hotkeys

Speaking of which…


New home for Hotkeys

We have now given Hotkeys their own special page in the Settings!

Click here to learn how to enable Early Access here 


We also want to take this time to thank everyone who tested and gave us feedback on our Full Session Recording update. Full Session Recording came out of beta and your feedback helped us make it better than ever! We plan on introducing disk space management and other enhancements for you hardcore Medal users so look out for that future update!

You can find more notes on our support page for the current update: