Medal Supports Mixer Streamers

We at Medal were just as shocked as you were to hear about the unexpected news from Mixer. We wanted to take this opportunity to showcase how we are utilizing our resources to best support Mixer Streamers during this time. 

1) We are allowing all Mixer Partners to create and start using Medal as Partners on the platform. This will allow us to help showcase your clips on our platform as well as provide you additional tools to ensure your success. 

2) We have created this guide that will show you how to easily clip your gameplay when streaming and utilize it for discoverability and reach on the platform you now choose to call home. 

3) We have enabled donation links on clips. When showcasing your clips on Medal you will be able to seamlessly accept donations via the platform of your choice whether it be PayPal, StreamLabs, etc… 

4) We are dedicating resources to allow for you to save all of your clips you have stored on Mixer. Soon we will be releasing a Chrome Extension which will allow you to download, save, and upload all your clips onto Medal so none of your memories are lost. 

5) Syncing your Medal and Mixer accounts has never been easier. Learn how to link your Mixer account to Medal.

6) We at Medal are also implementing a Discovery page for Mixer streamers to help with your transition to a new platform and get your channel noticed, so its important to link your account as soon as possible to get that jump start!


We hope we are able to help make this journey for Mixer creators as seamless and successful as possible. 

~ The Medal Team