Share your Medal clips on Tumblr!

One of the best ways to expand your audience as a Medal Creator is to share your content on social media. You probably already know that you can share your content easily on Youtube and Twitter, but did you know that we’ve seamlessly integrated with Tumblr as well? We’ve made it seriously easy to upload your best clips to Tumblr…just how easy? Glad you asked…


  1. Link your Tumblr and Medal accounts
  2. Clip YOUR epic moments
  3. Choose a catchy title
  4. Click “Share”
  5. ???
  6. Profit

..and that’s it! Now all of tumblr will witness your elite gaming skills. 👌

We’re on Tumblr too!

Make sure you use the hashtag #MadeWithMedal so we can see your clips. We’ll be watching and re-blogging our favorites on our Tumblr blog. So get out there and get sharing! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

-The Medal Team