Medal Redirect Information

Hey everyone – this is Pim, CEO of Medal. has purchased the domain from the old team. We did our best to try to recover any videos as well, but we were informed they were unfortunately already deleted.

A few things to note:

  • Your user account will not work on Medal. We are separate companies. In order to use Medal you will have to download Medal on and create a new account.
  • If you lost clips, I did some digging and found that has managed to back up about 50% of the videos. Recovering them is difficult. Here is a thread on how to recover your old videos and here is a comment on how to extract your video once you have found it. Also, here is the full archive. The data isn’t structured by username, so it’s incredibly difficult to extract anything. However, the internet never ceases to disappoint if it wants something, so I figured I’d put the information I found there in case anyone has any ideas on how to get everyone’s videos back.
  • Most of the functionality from is coming to Medal, or is already here. Full session recording and bookmarking has been released and event detection is also on the roadmap. The main difference is that we have chosen not to allow long uploads on the platform due to the costly processing and storage costs. The longest clip upload on Medal is 2 minutes. We encourage you to upload clips/moments separately or upload long videos to platforms like YouTube. From full sessions, we allow you to cut videos up to 5 minutes to upload.

We hope that you’ll enjoy continuing to be able to record your most meaningful moments with friends. Medal is here for you and we can’t wait to see what you share.