The wait is over! Bookmark Mode & Audio Settings now in Early Access

Medal community — we are super excited to announce that Bookmark Mode (also known as Full Session Recording) has arrived on the platform. We get it. Sometimes you are in such a high tension moment that you forgot to clip. That’s why we are so excited to announce that you can now record your entire gaming session, use your hotkey to bookmark the key moments, and create clips from them afterward.

It’s simple — start a game, press a button to bookmark the moment you later want to go back to, drag the yellow and white sliders around the moment you want to create a clip around, hit “create” and you’re done! We do ask that you keep uploads under 2 minutes, as we are a short-form video platform after all. We allow video uploads of up to 2 minutes, but videos that are over 1 (not 2!) minute long will not be recommended to viewers as frequently. Keep it short and cut to the chase, people! 😉

Head over to Settings -> Clips -> and enable “Bookmark Mode” on PC after you have joined Early Access

Here is my own first clip ever uploaded with Full Session Recording:

Note — this is an experimental feature and we’ll be improving it over the next few months. If you experience any issues with 60 FPS — change your FPS to 30 FPS. This is a known issue.

We wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t ALSO manage to add another highly requested feature — Audio & Mic Selection. This will make it more clear how you are controlling your audio in your clips.

You can get all these updates and more at

See you on the platform!