Topics, Hashtags & Search Enhancements have entered the ring!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been playing a lot more games. We’ve been hard at work to make sure that Medal is the best place to create and watch clips. We’ve made Medal more reliable than ever, and in the process we absolutely decimated a ton of bugs.

Without further ado!


Hashtags & Topics

You can now add hashtags and trending topics to your clips captions!
When a new topic or hashtag goes viral on Medal, you will see it on Medal in our new Happening Now section.
It’s never been easier to watch the funniest, best or craziest content on Medal!


New Design

We have a new design live on our website!

Go check it out to get your ‘ooos‘ and ‘ahhhs‘ on 🙂

Web Improvements

We have improved our search functionality, it’s sleeker, easier on the eyes and yields much better results!

Happening Now

As mentioned before, trending or viral hashtags or topics will show up in this new section.
This makes it faster and easier to see the best clips trending on Medal!


There are also a ton of bug fixes, other general improvement features and updates for the desktop app, check out the Patch Notes here!

Now go forth and keep clipping!

~The Medal Team